Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Cerebral n Sensitive Flick on Student Prostitution

One in three university students in Germany would resort to prostitution or other sex works as a means to finance his /her education.In France, the statistics is no less alarming. (29%)Hundreds of recent studies and surveys have revealed beyond doubt that student prostitution is not just an open secret but a common phenomenon in most of the ' developed' European countries with a supposedly massive student support system.....Based on a Memoir by a 19-year-old language student , ‘Student Services’(French,2010) is a harrowing tale of student prostitution in Europe. Laura D, a 19-year-old student of Spanish and Italian, details in her memoir, Mes Chères Etudes, how she had virtually no other option but to take to prostitution at the age of 18 when she could not afford her rent, books, or food, despite a part-time telesales job. Her parents – lower middle class people earning just above the minimum wage - could not support her, but their jobs meant she did not qualify for financial aid. ‘Student Services’ challenges the much hyped contention that student prostitution is mainly synonymous with happy hookers, glacial belles de jour and tragic victims..... It rather brings to light the two real culprits behind the tragedy-----abject poverty and a hollow and dysfunctional student support system. ...A flick that centres round student prostitution, ‘Student Services’ is natural replete with an exorbitant dose of erotic stuff.....!But be sure here is a flick that will never entice you to salivate over the Lolita-esque potential . ..! The top-notch performance of the lead would amaze you.. If you are a connoisseur of cinema, do not forget to discern the film’s creative cinematography...

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